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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Get Rid of NCupons Ads - Easy and Effective Guide to Get Rid of the Pop-ups

Frustrated by ads of NCupons?

NCupons comes to your PC as a potential unwanted program (also called PUP) with its ads. You may see that the interface of it is different from other PUPs. It offers you a search bar to search. It claims to enhance your online experience by providing various kinds of coupon ads about low cost goods. By using it, you can quickly get the information you want. This method can help you save time, money and energy at the same time. How can you refuse it? So many users are cheated and download it themselves thinking it a useful tool. What they won't realize is that they bring troubles. And the ads are powerful enough to affect almost all browsers. Viruses or malware can be led to your PC by the endless ads. It even attempts to collect your confidential information for commercial purpose. You need to stop it.

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The bad sides of having NCupon

  • Random pages are turned into hyperlinks.
  • New toolbars, home page hijacker, or unwanted search engine are added to your system.
  • Links of the endless ads may lead you to some dubious websites and cause viruses or malware infection.
  • NCupons also attacks your anti-virus program to bypass its detection and make your PC vulnerable.
  • It takes up your system resources to drag down the speed of your machine.
  • Information like IP address, search history, accounts and passwords all may be collected and abused.

Get rid of NCupons ads in effective solutions

Solution 1: Manually remove it yourself.
Solution 2: Automatically remove it by using SpyHunter.

Manual Steps

Step 1: Remove ads by NCupons from your browsers.

For Internet Explorer

Tools>>Manage Add-ons>>Toolbars and Extensions.

Do as the pictures tell you to disable and remove add-ons of NCupons from your IE.

For Google Chrome

Menu icon>>Tools>>Extensions.
Search for related ones and remove them by clicking on the trashcan icon.

For Mozilla Firefox

Follow the steps as the pictures show you. Remove related add-ons both from "Extensions" and "Plugins".

Step 2: Stop NCupons from running on your system.

By pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously, an interface would pop up. In the interface, you can clearly see all the ongoing processes. Select all the related processes and end them.

Step 3: Remove all brought programs.

For Windows XP:
Click start and find Control Panel. In the pop-up box, you will see Add or Remove Programs. Click it and find any related programs and then delete them.

For Windows 7:
You also need to find Control Panel by clicking Start Menu. Focus on Uninstall and look for what you want to uninstall. Select the ones you find and uninstall them.

For Windows 8:
Click Start Menu first and then click Search. Select Apps and then click Control Panel. Then the Uninstall box will come to you. You just need to find related programs and uninstall them.

Automatic Steps

Step 1: Download SpyHunter to stop ads by NCupons.

Run the downloaded file and accept the installation agreement.

Step 2: Run SpyHunter and scan every corner of your PC.

Step 3: Tick "Select All" and click "Remove" to get rid of all the problems.

Optional steps help you to optimize and speed up your PC

It's a clean master with the function of restoring errors like Windows update error, and files with the suffix name "dll" or "exe". It can also speed up your PC by cleaning the left files of unwanted programs and repairing errors.

Step 1: Click to Download RegCure Pro!

Step 2: Follow the installation guides to install RegCure.

Step 3: Launch RegCure and make a full scan for NCupons ads.

Step 4: By clicking "Fix All", you can get rid of all the components which make your machine sluggish.

To sum up

To protect your PC and your privacy, you need to remove the PUP.
On removing ads by NCupons, you can choose to remove it manually or use SpyHunter to help you. After the manual removal, you can also use RegCure to check. It can also optimize your machine at the same time.

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