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Monday, December 28, 2015

Get Rid of A.karmakitty.info Scam Pop-up from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge

See how malicious a.karmakitty.info is

Victim: I have just received a call from the grandmother of my best friend get that, as soon as the laptop is booted up, get this a.karmakitty.info popup displaying warning message. I tried the Internet to find out if there is a persistent virus, because I have to remove my Linux, or whether it can be removed and so, unfortunately, I have found nothing and hope that there are any here who got the same message. According to the grandmother, the Internet Explorer can no longer close them. Any way to get rid of a.karmakitty.info?

Learn more about a.karmakitty.info

A.karmakitty.info is deemed as a fake techscam used by scammers to cheat money from innocent victims by promoting their paid support services and programs. Normally, it is caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program with malicious plug-ins, which can make modifications on your web browser settings causing homepage hijacking and redirection.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Get Rid of 0800 8021 237 Pop-up – Fake Tech Scam Removal

See how malicious 0800 8021 237 pop-up is

Victim: Hi my son's computer has come up with Tis message is it a scam. I have tried to follow previous messages on how to delete but it is not working.
Microsoft Windows has detected a new viral infection
Warning a viral infection (auto - loading.trjn) has been injected into your computer
Must call 24/7 this toll number 0800 8021 237 now. 
The virus is new and can not be detected by current viral software. Blah blah blah failure to call will result in computer failure.
I have switched off the Internet to try and open so I can close but it won't come off that page. As when I press ok to try and close the window it just pops up again
Please can anyone help

Know more about 0800 8021 237 pop-up

The 0800 8021 237 pop-up is a fake tech scam that is used by scammers to promote their paid support services and antivirus programs by scaring victims with fake security messages. Normally, this scam pop-up is caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program with malicious plug-ins, which can make modifications on your web browser settings causing homepage hijacking and redirection.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Get Rid of Https://search.yahoo.com/?fr=hp-ddc-bd&type=dc-bcr-6YC3K__alt__ddc_dsssyc_bd_com Suspected Yahoo Redirect Completely

See how annoying this suspected yahoo redirect is

Victim: My browser has been hijacked with this malware:


I've burned up over an hour trying to remove, can you help?  Thank you.

If you experience the same proble, this article is where you can find an effective method to remove this invader rapidly and completely.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Get Rid of Home.tb.ask.com Hijack – Remove Home.tb.ask.com from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge

Your browser default homepage and search engine are hijacked by home.tb.ask.com? Don't know what it is and how to delete it from your IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.? Read this post, you will find the answer here.

Learn more about home.tb.ask.com

Home.tb.ask.com is identified as a browser hijacker that is able to take over users' browser by replacing their homepages without consent. This hijacker redirects users' webpages without end. Commonly, it can easily sneak into your system via third party software, corrupt websites or pop-up ads.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Effective Way to Remove 1-888-905-1062 Scam Pop-up – Get Rid of “BSOD: dll Registry Settings has detected the error code 0x80060402” Message

If you keep getting a windows defender error code 0x80016CFA that wants you to contact "Microsoft Certified Technicians" at 1-888-905-1062 for immediate help, it only means that your system is at risk, and the real threat is the scam pop-up itself.

Know more about 1-888-905-1062 pop-up

The 1-888-905-1062 pop-up is just a type of fake tech scam, which is used by scammers to cheat money from innocent victims by promoting their paid support services and programs. Normally, it is caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program with malicious plug-ins, which can make modifications on your web browser settings causing homepage hijacking and redirection.

Ads by Salus Keep Popping Up On Screen, How to Remove?

"Hi....  I have run all the scanners and detection programs I have including Microsoft Defender and Scanner but I keep getting a multiple number of ads popping up on Chrome, Internet Explorer.   They appear to br connect to 'Ads by Salus"  Can anyone help
me remove these.  There does not appear to be anything in Programs to uninstall."

What are the "Ads by Salus" ads?

The "Ads by Salus" ads are caused by an ad-supported program named Salus that users may acquire when they download and install third party software. When installed, this adware can trouble you so much.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Completely Get Rid of Ads by SaverFX from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge

Receiving constant pop-ups from SaverFX and cannot stop it from interfering your browsing experience? If you are still looking for an effective way to remove SaverFX from IE, Chrome and Firefox, please follow the steps in the post.

Know more about SaverFX

SaverFX is classified as a nasty adware program that may plant millions of commercial ads here and there on your screen so as to generate pay-per-click revenue. Please do not take this adware slightly. You are likely to be disappointed because you may stumble over various possible unwanted inconveniences with it:

Friday, December 18, 2015

Remove Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit from Your PC Completely

See how stubborn Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit is

Victim: How to remove or quarantine win32/hadsruda!bit malware. Microsoft Security Essentials has been tried for quarantine or to remove and each time it says the action has succeeded but immediately later the warning reappears. So far there is no Malfunction but it is driving me bonkers.

Know more about Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit

Program:Win32/Hadsruda!bit is detected as an unwanted software according to what it does. This kind of unwanted program tries to look innocent to convince users to install them on their PCs. When installed, it can make changes to your PC without your consent, or compromise the performance of your PC.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

How Do I Remove 1-855-761-8156 Tech Scam from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox?

What is 1-855-761-8156? Is it legitimate? Why a pop-up message keeps asking me to call this number to "CONTACT CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS to rectify This Issue"? How can I get rid of it? If you have the same problem, this article is where you can find the answer.

Know more about 1-855-761-8156

1-855-761-8156 is a phone number that is used by scammers to promote their paid support services and antivirus programs. You may see this phone number on some random pages, or receive a call from this number. You will be confirmed with enormous viruses you had. Both of these two tricks are just their strategies so you will pay for whatever amount they asked.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Easy Way to Remove Best Coupon Pop-up Ads from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox – Removal Guide

What is Best Coupon? It takes over control your web browsers? You get the annoying Best Coupon ads covering almost quarter of the web page? Don’t know how to get rid of it completely? This article is where you can find the answer.

Learn more about Best Coupon

Best Coupon is classified as a nasty ad-supported program, which uses numerous ads to generate pay-per-click revenue. Usually, you may get this type of adware through free downloads from online resoreces. After the infection, you may find it annoying. Its ads just pop up to occupy nearly each web page you are visiting to lure you into clicking them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hijacked by Home.searchinfast.com? – Useful Tips to Remove Home.searchinfast.com Completely

This article will provide some useful tips on how to get rid of home.searchinfast.com from common web browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. If it wasn’t your intention to set home.searchinfast.com as your browser default homepage and search engine, methods mentioned in this article will help you resolve this issue.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Www.internetoptimizer365.com Removal Guide – Get Rid of Www.internetoptimizer365.com Completely

Your computer has been infected with a virus called www.internetoptimizer365.com?  Have tried many methods to remove it no avail? If you experience the same issue, this post is where you can find a way to delete www.internetoptimizer365.com permanently.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Get Rid of Yoursites123.com Hijack from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox Easily

If every time you open your browser, whether Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, your homepage is always redirected to yoursites123.com, you should be aware of that this application has successfully occupied your browser.

Know more about yoursites123.com

Yoursites123.com is considered as a nasty browser hijacker that will show its malicious properties once it gets into your PC. The most obvious symptom of this invader is causing the change of your browser default homepage and search engine.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Afe4d8a06ce1bd1e2218-a817951a1ab993e21745e1e3eae56147.r15.cf2.rackcdn.com Removal Guide – Get Rid of Afe4d8a06ce1bd1e2218-a817951a1ab993e21745e1e3eae56147.r15.cf2.rackcdn.com Scam Pop-up

Your IE, Chrome, Fireox or Edge is redirected to afe4d8a06ce1bd1e2218-a817951a1ab993e21745e1e3eae56147.r15.cf2.rackcdn.com all of a sudden? It says that "Your system has detected possible Suspicious Activity" and you need to call 844-311-1899 to get help from a Microsoft-Certified technician? Never take in!

Know more about this pop-up

Afe4d8a06ce1bd1e2218-a817951a1ab993e21745e1e3eae56147.r15.cf2.rackcdn.com (hereinafter called rackcdn.com), is a malicious site used by scammers to promote their paid support services and products. It is mainly caused by an adware or a malware that you may acquire when you download something from free online resources.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Remove Ads by SalesMagnet from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox Completely

Are you always bothered by full pages of "Ads by SalesMagnet"? Every time you open your web browser, wanting to search something, these "Ads by SalesMagnet" badly interrupt you? If you have the same problem, methods mentioned in this article will help.

Know more about SalesMagnet

SalesMagnet is detected as a nasty ad-supported program according to its performance. When installed, it may cause many annoyances and inconveniences, such as browser hijacking, redirects, interfering with the user experience, and hooking deep into the operating system.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Completely Remove Giolk.com Pop-up Ads from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox

Having run out of ways to cope with giolk.com, but just gained no positive result? No worries, the following removal tips including manual and automatic removal guides will be greatly helpful.

You Could be Frustrated by Giolk.com Thing

Giolk.com is identified as a kind of adware, which can takes over users' browsers in a high frequency. This invader can arouse various inconveniences once creeping into your system via certain third party software. You will soon realize that giolk.com should be terminated thoroughly for:

Monday, December 7, 2015

Trojan:Win32\Kovter.C Attacks Your PC? - Useful Tips to Get Rid of Trojan:Win32\Kovter.C

Name: Trojan:Win32\Kovter.C
Category: Trojan
Alert level: Severe
Infected system: All Windows OS including Windows 10, 8, 7

Know more about Trojan:Win32\Kovter.C

Trojan:Win32\Kovter.C is detected as an awful Trojan horse that is able to conduct a series harmful activities on the compromised PC and cause severe damages. Usually, you may get infected by this threat via spam email attachments and malware. Once executed, many harmful properties will embody in Trojan:Win32\Kovter.C.

Friday, December 4, 2015

BrowserModifier:Win32/ShieldSoftCby Won't Get Removed? - Try This Method!

See how stubborn BrowserModifier:Win32/ShieldSoftCby is

Victim 1: For the last week this has been detected by Windows Defender and says its removed.  Upon start up of my computer the next day, its detected again.  Any idea how to get rid of it?

Victim 2: I am running Malwarebytes and Windows Defender.  I can scan, detect and eliminate the hijacker software but it appears to have a built in mechanism to reproduce itself whenever you remove it so I am stuck in a constant loop of Windows Defender telling me that it has detected and fixed but I need to reboot.  Every time I reboot the new copy of the bad file has been generated and the process starts again.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Winwarden.exe Removal Help – Get Rid of Winwarden.exe from Windows Completely

See how stealthy winwarden.exe is

Victim: I found a something called winwarden.exe installed on my computer recently and I don't know how it was installed.

I know it's not part of the Microsoft suite of programs and want to delete it if I don't need it.  Trouble is it's not showing up on my list of installed programs.

Do I need it? Is it harmful to my laptop? And if yes, how do I locate and delete it?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Remove Searchsimple-a.akamaihd.net Redirect from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox Easily

What is searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.net? All your web browsers are hijacked by it? Have no idea to get rid of searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.net? If it wasn't your intention to visit searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.net, follow the method mentioned in this post to delete it completely.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Remove Ads by Tight Shoppers from IE/ Chrome/ Firefox for Good

What is Tight Shoppers?

Tight Shoppers is detected as a tricky ad-supported program, which uses ads to generate pay-per-click revenue. When you see ads labeled as "Ads by Tight Shoppers ", "Ad by Tight Shoppers", "Provided by Tight Shoppers", etc. popping up in your browser pages, it only means that your PC is infected with this Tight Shoppers adware.