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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Remove Backdoor.Daserf – Fast Methods to Uninstall Backdoor.Daserf Trojan

Backdoor.Daserf Infection:

What is Backdoor.Daserf?

Backdoor.Daserf is recent Trojan which has ability to control your computer activities by a “host server” program running in memory. Once infected, your computer has been greatly modified by it.

  1. Frequent pup-ups, advertisement links and redirect to a pornographic site.
  2. Change the homepage and search engine of your Google and Firefox.
  3. Taskbar is invisible
  4. Change default Windows settings
  5. Set fake Windows files or sources in hard disks
  6. Stop antivirus programs or other security measures.
  7. Add some strange service and processes

Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to Remove Jollywallet from Google Chrome and Windows 7?

Some computer users complain that a banner named Jollywallet appears under the websites when they are shopping online. This is an adware-type application which tampers registry entries of HTML. It can lead to different search results of Google Chrome without user’s acknowledgement and insert its own advertisement in Google Chrome or other browsers. 

Brief Introduction about Jollywallet 

Jollywallet is packaged into a legitimate advertisement which takes coupons and cash back as main theme, such as discounts activities, various goods and online shopping store. These suspicious ads are put in the form of toolbar or banners to the websites you visit. Don’t be caught in these ads.

It is necessary to say that Jollywallet infiltrates the browser usually because of free downloads. When you install free source, beware whether there are bundled unwanted programs or not and then remember to opt for Advanced download.