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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Get Rid of Win Heal 2016 from Your Browsers - Remove an Untrusted Tech Service Phone

Receive messages from Win Heal 2016 which tells you to call a phone? Are there errors or viruses on your computer? Hard to close the annoying pup-up brought by Win Heal 2016? Maybe this post can give you removal help and please read this post.

Once Win Heal 2016 got inside, it may run as a system scanner when your computer boots up. Then you will receive a security report saying there are severe system errors and you need to call 866-207-6545 for technical assistance. Some users may think it is no problem to call it because it is toll-free,

Monday, September 26, 2016

How to Remove Google Rewards Center Ads (Removal Guide) ?

What is Google Rewards Center?

The Google Rewards Center is an adware-type infection. According to the test, this adware ejects the fake information noting the user has won an iPhone 6S and then fill in a table to receive it. However, it is able to record your personal messages. Additionally, the computers infected with Google

Friday, September 23, 2016

How to Uninstall Feclik.xyz Hijacker from Your Google and Firefox?

What is Feclik.xyz?

The Feclik.xyz is a browser hijacker which is capable of changing browsers settings. Although it is designed to a useful and reliable search portal, it is easy to bring potential threats to your computer because it is supported by an adware program. Once infected, every new tab will be ejected numerous

How to Remove Firstgame.xyz from Your Computer - Optimize Your PC

What is Firstgame.xyz?

The Firstgame.xyz is an adware site which has been listed as a dangerous browsing program by Web filters. This adware often displays many annoying advertisements on your browsers. The users whose computers are infected with Firstgame.xyz will be redirected to other sites when they are opening a

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Simple Guides to Remove HomeworkSimplified Toolbar from Google or Firefox

The Information about HomeworkSimplified Toolbar

The HomeworkSimplified Toolbar is not a good browser extension, because it is an ad-supported tool whose main point is to get advertising profit. As shown in the infected computers, the toolbar pushed by Homeworksimplified.com is seemly capable of helping students improve their studies. It should be popular in those persons who want to increase their learning efficiency and communicate academic issues. However, derived from Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc., this toolbar is able to steal users’ cookies and sales them to sponsors.

The Symptoms Caused by HomeworkSimplified Toolbar

  • User’s homepage may be changed into Hp.myway.com/homeworksimplified/ttab02/index.html.
  • The new tab layout may be changed.
  • There are usually redirects to these ads sites: Historymatters.gmu.edu/browse/wwwhistory/,

Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Remove SPCOptimizer Efficiently and Completely - What is SPCOptimizer ?

What SPCOptimizer actually is?

SPCOptimizer is actually a potentially unwanted program, which is presented as an optimizer tool, and once installed it will mind you that your computer has been infected with virus. However, if you want to fix your PC, you will be asked to pay for its full version.

The screenshot of SPCOptimizer:

SPCOptimizer has an interface nearly same to CCleaner by Piriform Ltd. including tabbed design, list composition of the results and the icons. However, if you scan your computer with legal anti-virus

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to Get Rid of GamesLava Adware? - Remove Ads Created by GamesLava

GamesLava Overview

The GamesLava Company is special in producing an online computer game site which is www.GamesLava.com. This site is a convenient platform for fun games which include Bubble Heroand Molly & Cleo: CupCake time. It is really favored by children so it gives ad-supported program of GamesLava has chance to go inside PC. Once clicking play games, the computer will be caught in trap of the adware program. Some issues

Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Remove Search.mystartabsearch.com Hijacker from Google and Firefox?

Search.mystartabsearch.com is a browser hijacker that has bad effects on browsing experience. The hijacker places convenient links for common websites such as YouTube, Facebook or Gmail on its interface. Thus, after changing user’s homepage into http_//search.mystartabsearch.com, users may think it a useful site. However, the changed homepage, search engine as well as mystartabsearch extension are controlled by its program codes which make web visitors automatically open unknown websites or click ads pup-ups.

 More Information about Search.mystartabsearch.com

Some users try to remove it by removing its extensions and restoring homepage but which doesn’t make a difference. When they open Chrome, Search.mystartabsearch.com is still on the start page. That’s because it adds the infected items in host files or registry.

In general, Search.mystartabsearch.com is downloaded via third-party platforms such as sharing

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Efficient Guides to Remove Static.brit-method.com – How to Remove?

Static.brit-method.com Description

Static.brit-method.com is an instructive program which is devoted to make advertisement profit. The www.static.brit-method.com is a domain which is supported by its ads plugins. In order to get more hits, it pretends to be a normal and useful website but it changes your browser settings. For example, your homepage and search engine are changed; there are a lot of ads shown in the websites you visit; your computer performance turns down.

It is deemed as PUP because the way it spreads to computer is through free downloads. The Static.brit-method.com pays money to third party for letting their advertisement program get into free software. Thus, it increases its rate of installation.

Please pay attention to the option when downloading some software. You should select Advanced and Customer form so that you can know what program is installed on your PC. However, some

Monday, September 5, 2016

How to Remove Tavanero.info Redirect (Taverno Search Homepage) Efficiently?

Recently a website called https://tavanero.info/tavanero/tavanero.php unconsciously becomes the homepage of some computer users and redirects them to visit ads websites. Users try to uninstall but fail.

As for this website, it is controlled by the browser hijacker of Taverno Search. When victims find it in their Google, Firefox or IE, it has changed their browser settings and system settings. It usually installs a shortcut on the desktop and Windows Start Menu.

Tavanero.info redirect appears in your browser usually through free bundles, fake ads links or bad websites. As for free bundles, it is embedded in the free downloads whose default download makes adware install in user’s computer.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Remove Cyber_baba2@aol.com Ransomware Virus - Removal Guide

Do you have Cyber_baba2@aol.com virus installed?

If you are frustrated with unstoppable advertisements associated with Cyber_baba2@aol.com pop-ups, you want to get rid of Cyber_baba2@aol.com ransomware completely, you don’t want to let your browser misguide you to unknown pages anymore, or you want to terminate the abnormal behavior detected inside your computer system, then you are right at the place where you can get the most effective guide to remove Cyber_baba2@aol.com ransomware and pull your system back to be normal again. You are advised to read the given post carefully in order to solve this issue. It will help you to removeCyber_baba2@aol.com Ransomware permanently from the system.

What is Cyber_baba2@aol.com ransomware virus?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Remove Backdoor.Daserf – Fast Methods to Uninstall Backdoor.Daserf Trojan

Backdoor.Daserf Infection:

What is Backdoor.Daserf?

Backdoor.Daserf is recent Trojan which has ability to control your computer activities by a “host server” program running in memory. Once infected, your computer has been greatly modified by it.

  1. Frequent pup-ups, advertisement links and redirect to a pornographic site.
  2. Change the homepage and search engine of your Google and Firefox.
  3. Taskbar is invisible
  4. Change default Windows settings
  5. Set fake Windows files or sources in hard disks
  6. Stop antivirus programs or other security measures.
  7. Add some strange service and processes

Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to Remove Jollywallet from Google Chrome and Windows 7?

Some computer users complain that a banner named Jollywallet appears under the websites when they are shopping online. This is an adware-type application which tampers registry entries of HTML. It can lead to different search results of Google Chrome without user’s acknowledgement and insert its own advertisement in Google Chrome or other browsers. 

Brief Introduction about Jollywallet 

Jollywallet is packaged into a legitimate advertisement which takes coupons and cash back as main theme, such as discounts activities, various goods and online shopping store. These suspicious ads are put in the form of toolbar or banners to the websites you visit. Don’t be caught in these ads.

It is necessary to say that Jollywallet infiltrates the browser usually because of free downloads. When you install free source, beware whether there are bundled unwanted programs or not and then remember to opt for Advanced download.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How Can You Remove Search-point.com - Removal Help with Anti-spyware Program

Search-point.com is another browser hijacker coming up recently and should be removed in considering the computer security. It is similar to other hijackers that appeared previously, such as Search.socialnewpagesearch.com, Search.al-cmf.com and others. If you are in the trouble with Search-point.com, or you want to learn something to avoid being attacked by browser hijackers and the removal tutorials, this article will give you useful information.

How to Remove RealTimeLeads Ads - Removal Guide

RealTimeLeads, RealTimeLeads Ads, Ads by RealTimeLeads or Real Time Leads, is categorized as adware and Potentially Unwanted Program that is utilized to help various third party vendors to sponsor their ads through this ad-supported extension. RealTimeLeads is not a welcome program, and it is recommended to be removed in considering the computer security.

This adware program RealTimeLeads is bundled with other free software that you download off of the Internet. Unfortunately, some free downloads do not adequately disclose that other software will also be installed and you may find that you have installed adware without your knowledge. Once this malicious program is installed, whenever you will browse the Internet, ads from RealTimeLeads will randomly pop up.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ads by HDQPlayer Removal Methods - How to Manually and Automatically Remove HDQPlayer Adware?

HDQPlayer is a deceptive adware program from SoftForce LLC targeting video lovers. Users that are seeking for a better method to manage their video files should take care of this program. As advertising-supported software, HDQPlayer is able to display pop-up ads and unwanted advertisements on web pages that you visit. These advertisements will be shown as boxes containing coupons, as underlined keywords (in-text ads), pop-up ads or advertising banners.

How can DQPlayer install on a computer?

HDQPlayer is bundled with other free software that you download off of the Internet. Unfortunately, some free downloads do not adequately disclose that other software will also be installed and you

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Remove CryptXXX 3.0 Ransomware? Can You Decrypt Files Comprised by CryptXXX 3.0?

Researchers found that CryptXXX ransomware released a new version 3.0 against the efforts from Kaspersky security experts on trying to use RannohDecryptor to decrypt files for free that were previously encrypted by CryptXXX. It is bad that this CryptXXX 3.0 ransomware also has the unintended consequence of breaking the malware developers decryptor. Anyhow, it is critical to remove CryptXXX or CryptXXX 3.0 ransomware immediately once it is detected in the system.

With all kinds of features of other ransomware that were released before but still prevalent over the cyber network with strong powerful damage influence, CryptXXX 3.0 represents high risk to the security of a targeted system. The recent detected malicious ransomware include but not limited to, ".Locky" ransomware (Cryptosystem), UltraCrypter ransomware, PayRansom, JohnyCryptor ransomware, Mahasaraswati ransomware and many others.

Let’s have a closer look at this ransomware. CryptXXX 3.0 is a file-encrypting ransomware that can encrypt almost all documents found on victim’s computer. Generally, it utilizes RSA-2048 key (AES CBC 256-bit encryption algorithm), with the .crypz extension to encrypted files. Once such notorious activities have been performed, CryptXXX 3.0 then notifies the victims that they need to pay about 2.4 bitcoins, or approximately $1,000 USD if they want to regain their encrypted files or data.

However, it is important for you to know that you should not follow what this malicious ransomware claims. It will not really give you back the files. And your payment just further supports them to enlarge their malicious behaviors. What should you do then? We have to say there isn’t 100% solution to decrypt files compromised by CryptXXX 3.0 since it is well created with advanced technology which we have to say. And, it is advised you regain your filesyou’re your own backup version if you do have a good preparation and habits on preventing any potential risk. Besides, we would like to recommend you remove CryptXXX 3.0 without any hesitation. How to remove this ransomware? Please read the following for details.

How to get rid of CryptXXX 3.0 (.CRYPZ Files Encrypted) easily and completely?

Method 1: Follow a recommended video
Method 2: Manually remove it yourself
Method 3: Automatically remove it by using SpyHunter

Method 1: Follow a recommended video

(In case the removal video is not always helpful for your specific issue in your specific system, please Free Download Recommended Security Tool to fix your PC.)

Method 2: Manually remove it yourself

Step 1: Close CryptXXX 3.0 pop-up

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc all together to open Task Manager, locate its related process (e.g. iexplore) and click "End Process".

Step 2: Reset your web browser

Internet Explorer:
  1. Open Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon, choose "Internet options", go to General tab, enter your favorite website address, and click "Apply".
  2. On General tab, click "Delete…" button going to the "Delete Browsing History" window, click "Delete". Click "OK" to close the Internet Options window.
  3. Click "Start", find "Internet Explorer" and then right click on it, choose "properties". On the pop-up window, go to Shortcut tab, delete the extension after ".exe" in Target, and click "OK".

Google Chrome:
  1. Open Google Chrome, click on the icon menu (top right), select "Settings", and then go to On startup option, click "Set pages", delete the unwanted website address and then "OK".
  2. Go to Appearance option, check "Show Home button", and then click "Change". On the pop-up window, delete the unwanted website address in Open this page option, click "OK", and then uncheck "Show Home button".
  3. Go to History tab, click "Clear browsing date…" button. On the confirm window, click "Clear browsing date", and then close Chrome.
  4. Click "Start", find "Google Chrome", right click on it, and select "properties". On the pop-up window, go to Shortcut tab, delete the extension after ".exe" in Target, and click "OK".

Mozilla Firefox:
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, click on the icon menu (top right) and select "Options". Go to General tab, click "Restore to Default", and then click "OK".
  2. Here select "History", click the "Clear Recent History…" button. On the pop-up window, click "Clear Now".
  3. Click "Start", find "Mozilla Firefox", right click on it, and select "properties". On the pop-up window, go to Shortcut tab, delete the extension after ".exe" in Target, and click "OK".

Microsoft Edge:
  1. Type your homepage URL (here takes google.com as an example.) in the search bar next to the Windows 10 logo on the bottom off the screen, and hit Enter.
  2. Microsoft Edge opened up with a new tab for Google. You can see CryptXXX 3.0 still opens in a new tab that doesn't have focus.
  3. Click the "X" to close Edge. Do not click on CryptXXX 3.0 tab or it will get focus again.

Step 3: After a reboot the pop-up should be gone.

Method 3: Automatically remove it by using SpyHunter

Users: Why should I choose SpyHunter?
Lily: SpyHunter is a powerful, real-time anti-spyware application that designed to assist the average computer user in protecting their PC from malicious threats like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware,etc.
Users: Oh, it sounds really helpful!
Lily: Here shows how it works. See for your reference.

Step 1: Download SpyHunter to kill CryptXXX 3.0.

SpyHunter download button

Follow the installation guides to install it properly.

Step 2: Click "Malware Scan" to scan for CryptXXX 3.0.

Step 3: Select all the threats and click Remove to fix them.

Optional Step: Optimize your PC with RegCure Pro

Users: What can RegCure Pro do for me?
Lily: Developed by ParetoLogic Inc, RegCure Pro is really good at dealing with the left files. It can help to check and optimize your PC at the same time.
Users: Does RegCure Pro contain any additional items or conflict with my current used antivirus program?
Lily: No. You can download and use it with confidence. Here shows how it works.

Step 1: Download RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro download button

Step 2: Follow the installation guides to install RegCure Pro step by step.

Step 3: Launch RegCure and make a full scan.

Step 4: If you do find anything, click "Fix All" to get rid of all the problems.

Important Note:

On removing CryptXXX 3.0, computer experts can try the manual steps. Novices are recommended to take SpyHunter. Don't make your PC worse when you even can't tell from your system files.

To check and optimize your PC, please click here for RegCure Pro.

Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Remove Search.socialnewpagesearch.com? Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Search.socialnewpagesearch.com is detected as a browser hijacker that can be installed on random browser program without taking approval from user or computer owner. It often replaces search engine on the affected browser, while itself pretends to be a normal search engine page and comes up as a default start-up page. However, it performs intrusive activities that make it lose credibility and dangerous to computer security. Hence, it is advised to remove Search.socialnewpagesearch.com to avoid any further risk to both the computer and your personal information.

Search.socialnewpagesearch.com publishers create this hijacker with the appearance to imply its loyalty for rendering quality services. By providing users with quick redirection buttons to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, it seems as a solid platform for searching. Moreover, it gives direct access to channels of sports, news, e-mails, social and shopping content. You may wonder why this hijacker makes such a design. Well, all what Search.socialnewpagesearch.com wants is to be your default search engine. And, it tries to gain online profit through ads that appears on search results. This is the reason why Search.socialnewpagesearch.com is forcibly injected as your normal home page. Want to figure out your computer security now? Download Free Scanner to check it out!

How does Search.socialnewpagesearch.com get invasion into a system?

Generally speaking, like most browser hijackers Search.socialnewpagesearch.com gets into a computer thru the carriers like freeware and shareware. In most cases, it is installed by default because of user’s ignorance on adware that is present on most free software. Surely, you can try to avoid the installation of this unwanted program, if you take care to only choose to load the downloaded program using customized install. Then, you can cross-out Search.socialnewpagesearch.com and choose not to install them on the computer.

How to avoid the installation of Search.socialnewpagesearch.com?

Since Search.socialnewpagesearch.com is coming with the bundle of freeware or shareware, it is advised to read Terms and Agreements or the End User License Agreements (EULA) before installing any software on your computer. Do not process to fast and just click [Next] button of software thru the installation process because you may also agree to install software which actually you do not want to. Sometimes, the installer offers an Advanced or Custom option button, so then you can click to check whether there is any other malicious software offered and installed during the installation process.

Rid your PC of Search.socialnewpagesearch.com thoroughly - You can make it!

STEP 1: Remove Search.socialnewpagesearch.com from Computer
STEP 2: Speed up Your PC with RegCure Pro

STEP 1: Remove Search.socialnewpagesearch.com from Computer

  • Manual Removal

Step 1: Reset your internet browser to default

Internet Explorer:
  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. On the Tools menu, tap or click Internet options. If you don't see the Tools menu, press Alt.
  3. In the Internet Options window, tap or click the Advanced tab
  4. Tap or click Reset. If you're using Windows Internet Explorer 6, click Restore Default
  5. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, tap or click Reset. 
  6. When Internet Explorer finishes applying the default settings, tap or click Close, and then tap or click OK.
  7. Exit Internet Explorer and again start Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome:
  1. In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu
  2. Select Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.
  4. Under the Reset settings section, click Reset settings.
  5. In the opened window, confirm that you wish to reset Google Chrome settings to default by clicking the Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox:
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, at the top right corner of the main window, click the Firefox menu, firefox menu icon in the opened menu, click the Open Help Menu icon, firefox help menu
  2. Select Troubleshooting Information.
  3. In the opened window, click the Reset Firefox button.
  4. In the opened window, confirm that you wish to reset Mozilla Firefox settings to default by clicking the Reset button.

Step 2: Delete all the malicious registry entries

Press Win+R key to open the Run box. Type "regedit" in the pop-up box and click OK to open the Registry Editor. And then remove all related or suspicious registries.

type "regedit" to open Registry Editor
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Start Page="http://<random>.com"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Start Page Redirect="http://<random>.com"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{random name}
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl\"http://<random>.com"
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MAIN\"http://<random>.com"
HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{random name}

Step 3: Delete malicious folders

1. End malicious task in Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc all together to open Task Manger, switch to Process tab, locate suspicious process, click End Process.

2. Show hidden files and folders in C: disk

Open Control Panel in Start menu and search for Folder Options. When you're in Folder Options window, please click on its View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide extensions for known file types and then press OK.

3. When the hidden folder ProgramDate is shown, find out the malicious file or folder in it, and then delete it.

What can SpyHunter do for you?
  1. Give your PC intuitive real-time protection.
  2. Detect, remove and block spyware, rootkits, adware, keyloggers, cookies, trojans, worms and other types of malware.
  3. Spyware HelpDesk generates free custom malware fixes specific to your PC
  4. Allow you to restore backed up objects.
Here shows how it works.

Step 1: Download SpyHunter to kill Search.socialnewpagesearch.com.

SpyHunter download botton

Step 2: After you download it, run the file to install it on your PC properly.

Step 3: Launch the program, uncheck "Quick Scan", and then click "Scan Computer Now!" to make a full scan for your PC.

Step 4: Remove any malicious files or components of Search.socialnewpagesearch.com.

STEP 2: Speed up Your PC with RegCure Pro

What can RegCure Pro do for you?
  1. Fix system errors
  2. Remove malware
  3. Improve startup
  4. Defrag memory
  5. Clean up your PC
You can download and use RegCure Pro with confidence for it doesn't contain any additional items and conflict with your current used antivirus program. Here show how it works.

Step 1: Download RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro download button

Step 2: Run the file that you downloaded on your PC.

Follow the installation guides to install RegCure Pro step by step.

Step 3: Launch RegCure and scan for Search.socialnewpagesearch.com.

Step 4: Click "Fix All" and then RegCure Pro will do the rest for you.

Warm Reminder:

Search.socialnewpagesearch.com can redirect your favorite browser and replace your default homepage and default search engine, so for the system security, it should be removed asap. If you're not confident to manually remove Search.socialnewpagesearch.com, you can use SpyHunter. For computer users who may not have very skillful technique, you are recommended to take the automatic steps. Don't delete your registry entries randomly or you may crash your system.

For clean master to double check and optimize your PC, please click here for RegCure Pro.

Good luck and be safe online!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Freewebtrending.com Browser Hijacker Removal - How to Guide

Freewebtrending.com is a notorious redirect virus designed to mess up Windows operating system and compromise different web browsers. It is known that the intrusion of Freewebtrending.com is mainly thru the bundling with other applications like freeware or shareware. Without your consciousness, potentially unwanted program can be downloaded, as well as Freewebtrending.com hijacker. Therefore, when downloading freeware or shareware from the Internet, you should be more attentive during the downloading process. Remember to deselect unfamiliar bundles and avoid computer from unnecessary malware. Moreover, spam email attachment, malicious link, porn site and fake pop-up alert are also the approaches to get this browser hijacker installed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Remove 1-844-386-3111 Pop-up - Guide to Help You Terminate Fake Tech Scam

Some computer users are recently encountering a pop-up message related to a number 1-844-386-3111 and they then have trouble with things going to happen. In some cases, this number is also found to have relations with 268d3 error. If you are also receiving similar pop-up, please notice that the 1-844-386-3111 error 268d3 pop-ups are a sign of trouble. There’s no plausible scenario where these random and unexpected pop-ups aren’t caused by a PC infection. Immediate removal of 1-844-386-3111 pop-up related virus is important; otherwise, more risk and loss will occur on your system. Let’s take a closer look at this fake 1-844-386-3111 pop-up.

What is 1-844-386-3111 pop-up?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Search.Joomborio.com Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

As a browser hijacker, Joomborio.com claims to be able to improve Internet searches by generating the most relevant search results. However, it does not act only like its appearance but that it is truly a false Internet search engine promoted using dubious software 'installers' that are designed to hijack web browsers and stealthily modify their settings. The false claims from Search.Joomborio.com are simply attempts to trick users into believing that joomborio.com is a legitimate website. For system security this hijacker should be avoided and removed asap upon detected.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Get Rid of 844-311-3794 Pop-up on Microsoft Edge/ Chrome/ IE/ Firefox

844-311-3794 pop-up is a scam that often confuses you

Victim: I have malware that is creating pop-ups, even though I have no pop-ups allowed on my browsers.  It also misdirects my searches. One pop-up on Microsoft Edge says Windows Defender Error Ox80072afc.  It also insists that I call Microsoft Technical Support at 844-311-3794.  Is this legitimate?

Lily: 844-311-3794 is not a legitimate Microsoft phone number. Please keep in mind that Microsoft alert will not offer any phone number to call. In other words, the so-called Windows Defender Error Ox80072afc telling you to Microsoft Technical Support at 844-311-3794 for help is merely a tech support scam. Don't fall for it!

Get Rid of (844) 326-6651 Pop-up from Web Browsers Easily

You receive a "SYSTEM ERROR WARNING"? It keeps popping up and asking you to contact a Microsoft technician at (844) 326-6651 to resolve the issue? Wonder if it is legit? Don't know how to remove (844) 326-6651 pop-up? If you experience the same issue, this article is where you can find the answer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Remove Ppcplanet4u.com Fake Firewall Alert – Never Call 1-888-523-8870 for Help!

If you are looking for an effective way on how to get rid of ppcplanet4u.com from IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other well-known web browsers, read this post, you will get exactly what you want here.

A Screenshot of Ppcplanet4u.com

What is ppcplanet4u.com?

Ppcplanet4u.com is considered as a malicious site, which is often used by scammers to promote their paid support services and products by scaring victims with fake firewall alert. This scam pop-up is mainly caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program with malicious plug-ins, which can make modifications on your web browser settings causing pop-ups, homepage hijacking and redirects.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Get Rid of Gstatic.com Redirect on IE/ Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge

"Been getting Gstatic.com popup which is slowing down and who knows what else on my computer. Does anyone know about this gstatic virus and if AVG can remove it or other solution??"

What is gstatic.com?

Gstatic.com is a nasty browser redirect that has a close relationship to adware programs. It usually comes with third party software. When you download something from free online resources, chances are, additional components like gstatic.com will come along.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to Remove GoSearch Easily and Completely

"How do I stop GoSearch from entering my PC permanently. It now happens once a day then it takes me to scan with Malware (free) and then to reinstate in Settings preferred search engine, where you find that GoSearch has placed itself on top, Scan PC and then reboot. Lot of productive time going to waste. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Thank you"

Learn more about GoSearch

GoSearch is regarded as a potentially unwanted search engine provider according to its performance. It usually comes with third party software. When you download something from free online resources, chances are, additional components like GoSearch will come along.

Guides to Get Rid of (866) 523-6556 Pop-up on Chrome/ IE/ Firefox/ Edge Permanently

When you browse the web, you are redirected to an amazonaws pop-up? The pop-up alerts you to call (866) 523-6556 due to a serious malfunction on your system? Is it legit? Don't know to call (866) 523-6556 or not? If you experience the same issue, read this article, you will get exactly what you are looking for here.

Know more about (866) 523-6556 pop-up

(866) 523-6556 pop-up is a malicious scam used by scammers to cheat money from the innocent victims by promoting their paid support services and programs. Technically speaking, this scam pop-up is mainly caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program. After corrupting your PC, unauthorized changes will be made on the browser settings, causing pop-ups, homepage hijacking, redirects, etc.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Guides to Remove 32failure.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com Tech Support Scam Completely

What is 32failure.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com? Wonder why it keeps popping up and asking you to call 1(855) 238-8009 for technical assistance? Don't know to call 1(855) 238-8009 or not? If you have the same problems, read this article and learn more details here.

32failure.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com is a scam – Never take in!

32failure.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com is a malicious site, which is often used by scammers to cheat money from innocent victims by promoting their paid support services and programs. Normally, this scam pop-up is caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program with malicious plug-ins, which can make modifications on your web browser settings causing homepage hijacking and redirection.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Remove Error Code WBACK7917 Pop-up – Never Call 1-888-307-2735 for Help!

If you keep getting random pages telling you that a malicious virus has attacked your PC causing error code WBACK7917, and you should call 1-888-307-2735 for tech support, don't fall for it.

Know more about error code WBACK7917 pop-up

Error code WBACK7917 pop-up is a fake error message displayed by scammers to cheat you for money by promoting fake tech support services and useless antivirus software. Hence, the error code WBACK7917 pop-up is merely a tech support scam.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Get Rid of Smartsputnik.ru Redirect Efficiently and Completely

"Recently I wasn't careful when I was downloading things, and accidentally downloaded a bundled software package. Not thinking of what I was doing, I installed the software inside.

The effects that happened afterwards was that my default search engine has been replaced with smartsputnik.ru…

URL used for search engine: h ttp://smartsputnik.ru/?ri=1&uid=f110f01cc4314ca0bdafd63fc0c01e9b&q=%s"

What is smartsputnik.ru?

Smartsputnik.ru is identified as a browser hijacker or a redirect that has a close relationship with adware or potentially unwanted programs. It usually comes with third party software. When you download something from free online resources, chances are, additional components like this smartsputnik.ru will come along.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Easy Ways to Remove 855-897-6312 Fake Windows Firewall Warning Pop-up

855-897-6312 is a scam that often confuse you

Victim: I just received a windows firewall warning to contact 855-897-6312 for assistance to remove a possible virus. Please help. Is this legit? I can't get rid of the pop-up.

Lily: 855-897-6312 is not a legitimate Windows phone number. In other words, the Windows firewall warning telling you to call 855-897-6312 for help is merely a scam. Don't fall for it!

Know more about 855-897-6312 pop-up

855-897-6312 pop-up is mainly caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program with malicious add-ons that can modify your browser settings without knowledge or consent. Once installed, your browser may keep redirecting you to this 855-897-6312 pop-up, and crazy and annoying pop-up ads may be filled with your whole screen to interrupt your browsing experience.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Https://search.yahoo.com/?fr=hp-ddc-bd-tab&type=dc-bcr-sw -rhb-45__alt__ddc_dsssyctab_bd_com Removal Help

Help! Some Yahoo type search engine has hijacked my Chrome homepage. Every time I start Chrome, I've been redirected to https://search.yahoo.com/?fr=hp-ddc-bd-tab&type=dc-bcr-sw -rhb-45__alt__ddc_dsssyctab_bd_com.  Don't know how to get rid of it. Please help!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Remove "Warning! Virus Invasion Detected!" Scam Pop-up

What is "Warning! Virus Invasion Detected!"?

"Warning! Virus Invasion Detected!" is a fake security warning that is associated with an adware or a potentially unwanted program like Personal Shield Pro currently infecting your entire system. Once infected, your browser settings will be modified without seeking for any permission, causing pop-ups, redirects and homepage hijacking. In order to scare people into thinking their PCs are infected, the "Warning! Virus Invasion Detected!" pop-up keeps promoting out against will.

System-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website Removal Guide

When browsing online, you were redirected to http://system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website? Then a pop-up box appeared containing the following message?

"Warning internet Security Damaged!

A suspicious connection was trying to access your logins, banking details & tracking your internet activity.

Your TCP connection was blocked by your firewall. Your accounts may be suspended until you take an action.

Your personal information may have leaked. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUIRED. Your hard disk may have trojan virus! PLease do not try to fix manually. It may crash your data.

Consequently, we are performing additional security checks to verify system security. Please visit your nearest Windows service center OR call help desk: Custom Service – 1-855-637-0970 (TOLL-FREE)."

Wonder how to remove it easily and completely? This article is where you can find a solution.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Remove 1-844-406-8045 Suspicious Warning Pop-up on IE/ Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge

"Pop UP stating I got a serious virus.  "Do not restart my computer from letting it go further nor shop on computer until I call  1 844 406 8045. "  Then I couldn't remove this warning and got a voice warning.  I called the number and got a Computer repair place.  I told them I had a contract with Geek Squad and they hung up.  Is this another scam?"

Know more about 1-844-406-8045 pop-up

1-844-406-8045 pop-up is a malicious scam used by scammers to promote fake tech support services and useless antivirus software. Normally, this scam pop-up is caused by an adware or a potentially unwanted program that you may acquire when you download and install third party software. When infected, secret modifications will be made on the web browser settings without notice until the 1-844-406-8045 pop-up takes over the browser.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Get Rid of Generous Deal Ads Easily and Completely

Receiving constant pop-ups from Generous Deal and can't stop it from interfering your internet activities? If you are still looking for an effective way to remove Generous Deal from common web browsers, please follow the steps in the post.

Learn more about Generous Deal

Generous Deal is an ad-supported program, which is able to plant loads of comercial ads here and there on your web pages so as to generate pay-per-click revenue. It is compatible with common used web browser including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.