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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remove Search.searchonme.com - How to Effectively Remove the Browser Hijacker from IE/FF/CHROME?

Search.searchonme.com description

Search.searchonme.com falls into the group of browser hijackers which can keep redirecting you to its pages. Usually, this hijacker comes to your PC bundled with freeware or shareware. With a Google-like icon, it won't let you connect it to a computer threat. So many users keep using it. It also displays you ads on its page. It has a search bar for you to search for whatever you want. But it can keep redirecting you when you're using your browser. Even when you click random search results or type in the URL to search, you still can't go to your targeted pages. You should not take this hijacker slightly.

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Harmful properties of Search.searchonme.com

  • It changes your default homepage and search engine without consent.
  • Unwanted ads come to annoy you and lead you to some harmful websites which may let your PC result in viruses or malware infection.
  • This can happen on browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Search.searchonme.com drastically degrades the performance of your PC by taking up your system resources.
  • Information like email address, Facebook accounts and even your banking details may be collected and abused.

Screenshot of Search.searchonme.com

You're on the right way to remove Search.searchonme.com

Method 1: Manually remove it by following the guides below.
Method 2: Automatically remove it by using SpyHunter.

Manual Steps

Step 1: Remove Search.searchonme.com from browsers.

For Internet Explorer:

Click the Tool icon and choose Manage Ad-ons.
Select Toolbars and Extensions to search for related files and end them. Remove the unwanted search engine in Search Providers and reset your homepage. Press Alt+T together to pop up the interface. Select Internet Options to remove Search.searchonme.com with your taste as your domain name.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Click on the Firefox menu on top of the left side of the page, and then find Add-ons. You will see Extensions and Plug-ins. To remove all the related or suspicious add-ons is what you need to do. Then come to the next part: click Manage Search Engines to locate and remove Search.searchonme.com from your browser. Reset the one you favor as your default homepage. The last step is to remove unwanted URL and type whatever URL that you like in the Options section.

For Google Chrome:

Follow the steps on the picture, you will easily find the files you need to delete. What comes next is to delete unwanted engine and reset your homepage according to your will. By clicking on the "X" icon and type your favorite website URL, we happily end all the steps.

Step 2: Uninstall programs brought by Search.searchonme.com. (If you can't find any, skip this step.)

Start>>Control Panel>>Add or Remove Programs

Find all related or suspicious programs to uninstall them.

Step 3: Delete vicious registry entries related to Search.searchonme.com. (Be cautious during this step.)

You probably need to take this step if the hijacker is really stubborn.

Click Start again to find Run. In the pop-up box, type "regedit" and click OK button.

Find all related and suspicious items and delete them. In order to protect your computer from being heavily damage, you should only delete the really malicious registry entries.

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Automatic Steps

As a powerful and reputable anti-malware program, SpyHunter offers you the automatically detection and protection against computer threats containing browser hijacker, spyware, ransomware, adware, and Trojans, etc. Use it to smash Search.searchonme.com now.

Step 1: Download SpyHunter. Please click the link or the download icon

Step 2: Step by step install it.

Run the downloaded file on your PC.

Accept the Setup agreement to install the tool step by step.

Step 3: Launch SpyHunter and click "Scan Computer Now" to scan for your PC.

Step 4: When the results come out, fix it immediately.

Optional steps to optimize and speed up your PC

RegCure is a clean master with powerful functions which can let you make the most of your PC. Developed by ParetoLogic Inc, RegCure is specialized in dealing with registry entries. It can also speed up your PC by cleaning the left files of unwanted programs and repairing errors.

Step 1: Download RegCure Pro!

Use the safe link here to avoid unnecessary threats. If you can't find its official website and click some links by mistake, you may download some unwanted files. And those are usually bad for an healthy PC.

Step 2: Follow the installation guides to install RegCure Pro.

Step 3: Launch RegCure and make a full scan.

Step 4: Automatically optimize your PC by clicking "Fix All".

To sum up:

We don't recommend you to remove Search.searchonme.com manually unless you are a computer expert. It's a tough job to deal with registry entries. So you can remove it with SpyHunter. And RegCure can help you deal with the left files and speed up your PC.

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