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Friday, November 8, 2013

Remove Searchfusion.com Browser Hijacker-Stop Searchfusion.com Redirecting

Still frustrated about the constant redirecting and pop ups from Searchfusion.com infection? Having spared no effort to handle with this crab, but end with no good result? A perfect solution is available here for you to get rid of Searchfusion.com browser hijacker. 

Overview of Searchfusion.com 

Searchfusion.com is a browser hijacker which can drive an inexperienced user crazy by performing redirecting and popping up without end. Once affected by Searchfusion.com, your browsers are taken over by it soon and your browsing experience will be seriously influenced.Having much in common with other newly released browser hijacker, such as Zulagames.com, Def.findci.net, and Pht.gzipserver.net etc, Searchfusion.com may redirect you to visit its webs. Let’s see how this program annoys a computer user: 
“Every time i type in a wrong url, it redirects me to searchfusion.com instead of google! I've removed all search engine from 'manage search engines' and in about:config, I’ve change the value of 'keyword.URL' to 'http://www.google.com/search?q='  
It use to be that when i typed in a wrong url it would present google search results! ” 
See? Searchfusion.com is a real trouble. 

Clicking the ads and sponsored links on its affiliated page, you are likely to not only receive tons of pop ups and sponsored links, but also be tricked into paying for its product. As an adware platform used by cyber hookers who aims at making money from innocent users, Searchfusion.com devote itself to delivering commercials, seeking every chance to do the promotion. It is no wonder that you will receive overwhelming pop ups and can’t continue your internet activities normally at all. 

Lots of users want to get rid of Searchfusion.com browser hijacker is mainly because of its perniciousness, rather than its annoyance. Except for redirecting you to unwanted page and displaying annoying pop ups, Searchfusion.com allow other computer threats have the possibility to get access your machine. Don’t forget that it pop ups unwanted message or alert for you, if you are convinced to follow it, you may encounter spyware, rouge program Trojan horse and so forth. For the sake of both your privacy and computer security, you are supposed to remove it as soon as possible. 

Possible Harms of Searchfusion.com 

1. It modifies your browser setting without your consent; 
2. It adds other computer threats; 
3. It may reroute your search result compulsively; 
4. It shows annoying pop-ups while you are surfing the web; 
5. It may disable your antivirus programs.  

Steps to Get Rid of Searchfusion.com Manually

Step1. Use windows Task Manager to end all malicious running processes 
Press CTRL+ALT+DLE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to launch Task Manager. 

Step2. Uninstall Searchfusion.com and its relatives from Control Panel 
Go to the "Start" menu, select "Control Panel". Locate "Programs and Features". Look for unwanted program and remove. 

Step3. Go to the Start and click on “Search program and files”, find out files from Searchfusion.com and delete. 
Possible location:
%\[UserName]\Application Data\[random]
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll 
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe 

Step4. Go to the Register Editor, then find and remove all related registry entries. 
Hit Win+R keys and then type regedit in Run box to search. 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run“[RANDOM]” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[RANDOM].exe” 

Step5. Reset browser by the following guide (take IE as an example): 
Open Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> General tab >> Use default'>> enter your own website, e.g.Google.com>> OK. 

 If you are not familiar with entries stuff, you are kindly reminded to use a professional and certificated removal tool to finish the removal automatically.

Steps to Get Rid of Searchfusion.com Automatically

Step 1: Download removal tool SpyHunter


Step 2: Install SpyHunter after downloading

Step 3: Run SpyHunter and start a full scan

Step 4: Show the scan result and then delete all detected item

Good to Know: Manual removal is an efficient way to get rid of Searchfusion.com. But if you are not familiar with manual operation, please feel free to start a Searchfusion.com automatic removal with SpyHunter from here right now!