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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Easily Block News.net Ad Popup – Manually Remove News.net Ad

Lots of Users Get News.net Ad Infection
“An intruder named News.Net has suddenly popped up on my machine. It appears in start-up and opens a window with supposed news headlines from around the world.”

“There is no remove option in the Windows 8 control panel but I have disabled it in start-up; it remains to see if this works. Malawarebytes does not detect it. It carries advertising and definitely looks suspicious. I want it off my system.”

“I have zero understanding of the technical discussion around the removal of this news.net intruder, however, I have tried all day to go through the uninstall process but the annoying thing is still here. My multiple attempts to run the free software to supposedly remove it only results in more add ons which I then spend hours going back and removing.”

Overview of News.net Ad

Type:Adware/ browser hijacker/ redirect virus

Alert level:high/severe

Targeted OS:win xp, win7, win vista, win8

Targeted OS:IE explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

News.net Ad is classified into adware program group which is promoted by some free download often sneaks into a computer as a free attachment. Once installed successfully, it aims at all the browsers it can find on the targeted computer and prevents users from surfing the internet websites effectively. After it modifies the HOSTS files and browser settings secretly, all your browsers will be taken over by this program , and then you search engines are always redirected to certain website which is flooded with page which has nothing to do with your search queries. As a professional ads platform, News.net Ad will pop up constant ads and sponsored links to interrupt your surfing. What really freaks you out may be not the annoying pop up, but the Adware blocker on your computer can’t help you remove this redirect virus. Experiences proved that manual removal is the most effective way to exterminate an infection, News.net Ad is no exception. For the sake of your computer security, you are advised to remove this computer threat out of your computer completely.

Troubles May Caused by News.net Ad

1)News.net Ad modifies the HOSTS files and the browser settings without your permission;
2)News.net Ad redirects your search results to some other web which is flooded with ads & unwanted message;
3)News.net Ad displays pop up constantly and tricks you into buying its useless product.
4)News.net Ad blocks your security tools and opens door for other malicious programs ;
5)News.net Ad consumes the system resources and slows down computer speed largely.

How to Block News.net Ad Popup Effectively?

Solution A: Remove News.net Ad Manually

Solution B: Remove News.net Ad Automatically with remover SpyHunter

Solution A: Remove News.net Ad Manually

Step 1- Reset Internet Explorer by the following guide (take IE as an example):
Open Internet Explorer >> Click on Tools >> Click on Internet Options >> In the Internet Options window click on the Connections tab >> Then click on the LAN settings button>> Uncheck the check box labeled “Use a proxy server for your LAN” under the Proxy Server section and press OK.

Step 2- Disable any suspicious startup items that are made by News.net Ad infection.
Click start menu->Type msconfig in the search bar -> Open System Configuration Utility -> Disable all possible startup items generated from News.net Ad.

Step 3- Remove add-ons(take IE explorer as an example):
1) Go to 'Tools' → 'Manage Add-ons';
2) Choose 'Search Providers' → choose 'Bing' search engine or 'Google' search engine and make it default;
3) Select 'Search Results' and click 'Remove' to remove it;
4) Go to 'Tools' → 'Internet Options', select 'General tab' and click 'Use default' button or enter your own website, e.g. Google.com. Click OK to save the changes.

Step 5- Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and open Windows Task Manager and close associated processes.

Step 6- Remove these associated Files on your hard drive such as:
%AllUsersProfile%newsnet adware
%AllUsersProfile%newsnet adware.lnk

Step 7- Open the Registry Editor and delete the following entries:
(Hit Win+R keys and then type regedit in Run box and click on OK)
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\{19975B78-1907-4DD6-A437-4C48120F46A4} HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Classes\CLSID\{43969E3F-3E7C-4911-A8F1-79C6CA6AC731}
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface\{395AFE6E-8308-48DB-89BE-ED5F4AA3D3EC} HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface\{43969E3F-3E7C-4911-A8F1-79C6CA6AC731}

(If you are not familiar with registry editor and entries stuff, you are highly advised to  automatically erase the adware with the most popular removal tool SpyHunter from here.)

Solution B: Remove News.net Ad Automatically with SpyHunter

1. Download automatic removal tool SpyHunter

2. Install SpyHunter after downloading

3. Run SpyHunter to fully scan your computer
4. Show scan result and delete all detected items.

If you don’t have sufficient expert skills to remove News.net Ad and encounter problems while trying to execute the manual process, you are suggested to download the most popular Antivirus SpyHunter to completely block News.net Ad.