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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Remove WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe- Block WebCake Ad Pop up

WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe Information

WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is the executable file of WebCake Ad program which can display commercials and couple messages without end. Once gets installed and roots itself in an infected system, WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe modifies the Host files and hides deeply behind. This malicious stuff also modifies the browser settings so that it can take over your browsers such as IE explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so on. It is no wonder that your search results will always be rerouted to WebCake Ad web page. Moreover, WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is capable of updating WebCake Ad via which it promotes the commercial platfrom to deliver more annoying pop ups to interrupt users’ internet surfing to a larger extent.

You should not ignore the pop up action. On the one hand, WebCake Ad program keeps displaying commercials and sponsored links and aims at persuade you to pay for its affiliated program. On the other hand, WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is busy monitoring your internet activity and tracking your important data, including email password, bank account and some info like that. Please bear in mind that keeping this malicious executable file and its program on your computer; you will be forced to encounter troubles one after another constantly.

Harmful Properties of WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe

1). WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe can infiltrate into your computer and hides deeply behind the system;
2). WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe supports WebCake Ad to display pop up to interrupt your internet surfing without end;
3). WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe may block your security tools and open doors for other malware or Trojan infections;
4). WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe disorders your system badly and slows down computer speed significantly;

The Possibilities to Get WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe

1) Browse some unreliable web sites to download programs, files, music and etc.
2) Open unknown e-mail attachments or download media files which bundled with the activation code of the virus.
3) The malware has successfully hacked some famous social online communicate website such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and sites like that.

According to described above, as foxy WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is, it can sneak into your computer easily and perform various malicious actions. So you are supposed to just be careful with some pop ups, some charming advertisements, promotions and something like that.

Remove WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe to Disable its Pop up

Since WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe has the capability to modify the files and entries of your security tools, it can stop the security tools from working normally. In this case, you are advised to uninstall WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe manually to disable WebCake Ad pop up effectively.

1) Use windows Task Manager to end WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe processes.
Press CTRL+ALT+DLE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to launch Task Manager.

2) Search for WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe files and remove.
%AllUsersProfile% WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe
%AllUsersProfile% WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe.lnk

3) Go to the Register Editor, then find and delete all WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe entries.
Hit Win+R keys and then type regedit in Run box to search.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Classes\CLSID\WebCakeDesktopUpdaterexe HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface\CurrentVersion\WebCakeDesktopUpdater.dll HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface\CurrentVersion\WebCakeDesktopUpdater.exe

4) Reset your browser (take IE for example)
Open Internet Explorer>> Tools >> Internet Options >> General tab >> Use default'>> enter your own website, e.g.Google.com>> OK.

Note: This removal guide is suitable for users with expert skills only. If you are a novice and don’t want to take the risk of damaging the system mistakenly, you could feel free to contact 24/7 Tee Support agents for instant help.