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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Get Rid of FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) - Removal Guide

Locked by FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) and failed to get rid of this ransomware? If you have no idea to figure out a better solution to get yourself the trouble, please follow the post to rescue your Apple Mac.

FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) Description

FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) is a notorious ransomware frequently appearing on the Trojans and hacked websites and it is promoted by malicious websites, spam email attachments, infected files and other third parties. Once enter and get installed on an Apple Mac OS X system successfully, this ransomware usually lower the availability of the infected system by modifying system configuration files and prevent the system from running normal.

After modifying the Hosts file and safari settings, FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) blocks the attacked browser and places a fake lock on the computer. Meanwhile, it displays an alert to take over the screen stating that the computer has been locked by associated security department due to some activities including porn distribution, spam email, material copyright and other violations that against the law of USA.

Designed by cyber criminals who aim at scamming money from innocent users, FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) also threatens the innocent user to hand in hundreds of USD to unlock the system, and to avoid being put into prison as well. Under the circumstance that FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) blocks all access to using the computer, users are likely to be convinced that their computer will be unlocked after paying for the penalty fine. Facts proved that some people pay for this ransom but their computers are still locked. If you are in the same problem, you are recommended to be calm first and do not pay any penny for such devious ransomware. You just need to uninstall this notorious malware ASAP.

FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) is Dangerous

1.FBI Mac OS X Virus disorders your system and your browser seriously by modifying related files and data;
2.FBI Mac OS X Virus displays a fake lock on your screen and threatens you to pay a fine for unlocking;
3.FBI Mac OS X Virus will bring along other threats and install backdoors for cyber hackers behind it;
4.FBI Mac OS X Virus executes commands on your computer without asking any permission;

Remove This Ransomware Effectively

Apart from blocking the access to your safari browser once FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) enters your computer, it can stop your antivirus from functioning by modifying the files and entries of the antivirus program in your system. Considering FBI Mac OS X Virus (MoneyPak Scam) can‘t be removed by the antivirus and safari settings needs to be reconfigured manually, to get the issue fixed thoroughly, you are supposed to remove this ransomware manually.

Manual Removal Guide

Step1. Disable the JavaScript running on the ransomware page
Go to Safari >> Preferences>>Click on the Security tab>>remove the check mark on ‘Enable JavaScript’

Step2. Reset your safari browser
Go to Safari >> Reset Safari>> in the new window, select all opts and click on the Reset button.

Step3. Clean your browser history
Go to the History menu, choose Clear History and click it.