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Monday, February 24, 2014

Guidance on Removing Crimestop.com From Your Mac Easily

Crimestop.com Description
Crimestop.com is a malicious domain which developed to extort money from inexperienced users and generate revenue for cyber criminals behind. Just like Cops-help.com,police-help.com, police-service.net and highqualitypolice.net etc which rampant on the net seriously, Crimestop.com gets on users’ computers stealthily and then performs evil blackmail actions on the affected machines.

If your browser is blocked by this malware, you will be asked to pay for some nonexistent violations:viewing/storage/dissemivation of banned porngraphy, and violation of Copyright and related rights. You are also informed to hand in a sum of money for fine penalty, or you are going to be put in prison .

Do not be taken in by this phishing site which created to rip inexperienced users off with bogus alert. To avoid other malware that may be brought in by Crimestop.com and to avoid being cheated, you are supposed to take actions to remove this malware timely.

Erase Crimestop.com From Your Mac Completely

Removal Guide

Step 1. Disable the JavaScript running on the ransomware page
Go to Safari >> Preferences>>Click on the Security tab>>remove the check mark on ‘Enable JavaScript’

Step 2. Reset your safari browser
Go to Safari >> Reset Safari>> in the new window, select all opts and click on the Reset button.

Step 3. Clean your browser history
Go to the History menu, choose Clear History and click it.

Hope you could get rid of Crimestop.com effectively with this manual removal tips!