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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Block Web.longfintuna.net Pop up-Web.longfintuna.net Hijacker Removal Guide

Have your browsers been taken over by Web.longfintuna.net hijacker and your search results are always redirected to Web.longfintuna website? Getting annoyed by the continuous commercials? You can follow the manual removal steps in this post or download the best malware remover to get the issue fixed effectively.

Analysis on Web.longfintuna.net

Web.longfintuna.net is considered a potentially unwanted browser hijacker. As a free attachment and promoted by some free downloads, it can sneaks into a computer easily. Web.longfintuna.net seems not dangerous as ransomware that can lock you out of your computer, so you may not notice its existence until it mess up your computer seriously. But this malicious program indeed performs malicious actions and makes chaos on a targeted computer.

Once installed, Web.longfintuna.net targets all browsers it can find on the infected computer. After it modifies the HOSTS files and browser settings secretly, all your browsers will be taken over by this program and after that you search engines are always redirected to Web.longfintuna.net website which not only has nothing to do with your search queries, but also is flooded with commercial advertising & sponsored links. As a professional ads platform developed by cyber hackers who aim to make money from innocent users, Web.longfintuna.net will try its best to trick you into paying for its products which turn out to be useless even malicious. 

Many people want to uninstall Web.longfintuna.net mainly because of its harmfulness rather than its annoyance. Apart from redirecting websites and promoting its products, Web.longfintuna.net is busy monitoring your internet activity data and collecting your personal information such as email password and bank account etc, via which it may open door for the developers behind it to access your computer remotely, as well as compromise your privacy and security. That is really malicious and dangerous.

Troubles May Caused by Web.longfintuna.net
1) Web.longfintuna.net modifies the HOSTS files and the browser settings without asking any permission;
2) Web.longfintuna.net redirects your search results to its affiliated web which is flooded with commercials and sponsored links;
3) Web.longfintuna.net tricks you into paying for it product which turns out to be useless, even malicious;
4) Web.longfintuna.net installs backdoor for other malicious programs such as adware/spyware and so on;
5) Web.longfintuna.net consumes the system resources and slows down the computer speed to a large extent;

How Can Web.longfintuna.net Enter My Computer?

Usually, Web.longfintuna.net gets installed on a computer either by manual installation or sneaks into secretly. If you know that Web.longfintuna.net is an unwanted program, you won’t install it on your computer manually. However, it can enter into system as an attachment to a third party and automatically get itself installed. Considering lots of troubles coming with Web.longfintuna.net, you should be careful when you are about to download a program from the internet and always choose the custom installation option so as to avoid this annoy program sneaking into your computer.

Block Web.longfintuna.net Popup Easily

Solution A: Remove Web.longfintuna.net Manually

Solution B: Remove Web.longfintuna.net Automatically with remover SpyHunter

Solution A: Remove Web.longfintuna.net Manually

1) End Web.longfintuna.net running processes by using Task Manager.
Press CTRL+ALT+DLE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to launch Task Manager.

2) Search for Web.longfintuna.net associated files and remove.
%\All Users\ Application Data\ Web.longfintuna.com
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data \ Web.longfintuna.com. dll
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data \ Web.longfintuna.com. exe

3) Open Register Editor, then find and delete all files created by Web.longfintuna.net.
Hit Win+R keys and then type regedit in Run box to search.


(If you are not familiar with registry editor and entries stuff, you are highly advised to automatically erase the adware with the most popular removal tool SpyHunter from here.)

Solution B: Remove Web.longfintuna.net Automatically with SpyHunter

1. Download automatic removal tool SpyHunter

2. Install SpyHunter after downloading

3. Run SpyHunter to fully scan your computer

4. Show scan result and delete all detected items.

If you don’t have sufficient expert skills to remove Web.longfintuna.net Ad and encounter problems while trying to execute the manual process, you are suggested to download the most popular Antivirus program SpyHunter to uninstall Web.longfintuna.net.

Tips: Take the following steps to help prevent malware such as Web.longfintuna.com hijacker from getting on your computer:
* Install reputable antivirus programs and scan your computer regularly;
* Do not download counterfeit software or suspicious files on the internet;
* Do not open spam emails or suspected attachments;
* Do not click on unclear links or ads on unsafe websites;
*Always scan removable storage media before using them;
*Always choose the custom installation when you download a program.