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Sunday, December 28, 2014

E9967a.com Keeps Showing! - Remove Annoying Pop-up Completely

E9967a.com is Troublesome

E9967a.com thing has been reported to wreck havoc and mess things ip on some users' computers in a recent period of time. One of the victims complaints: 

 "e9967a.com Syswow64.dll running getting crazy hits: I have Mbam Premium. I have run it in and out of safe mode, but getting Malicious Website Blocked hits like mad. Some to IP's but its making my PC run extremely slow. Eating up to 10GB of my ram and over time running my processor up to 68% so far. I have tried it on my desktop and I can’t access Mbam forum or website from it. Help?? Yes active protection on etc. AVG can’t find it either."

If you are in the same problem, please never take it slightly:

* Dread message reporting malicious websites over and over again.
* This outbound pops up frequently, almost every few seconds.
* The computer runs extremely slow as a nail.
* The task manager has multiple Syswow64.dll processes out of control.
* Sometimes you may also receive trojan/virus infection alert.

E9967a.com is such an annoying threat that should be eliminated without loss of time. One the one hand, it can take up lots of resources on the background and deaden your system performance badly. On the other hand, the pop-up may, as an ad-generating bug, open doors for other malware to cripple your machine. 

Never Belittle E9967a.com Pop-up

There are numerous transmissions available for such unwanted thing to get its infiltration to your system:

* Some spam emails or email attachments.
* Free files or any other free resources download.
* Corrupt Websites, unknown links, or pop ups.
* Some Sharing files.
* Some Trojan horses.

For your browsing experience, as well as your system security, you are advised to finish a complete popup removal timely. Still plagued with E9967a.com stuff? Just follow the steps closely to help yourself out quickly.

Eliminate E9967a.com Completely

>>>Plan A: Manual Removal

Rid your browser of the irritating popup step by step:


Hit the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and choose ‘settings’ 

a) Reset Homepage: Under Appearance check Show Home button and click Change Select Use the New Tab page or enter any other website address you like as your homepage

b) Reset default search: Within Search choose Google a preferred search engine c) Under On startup section, click Set pages and delete unwanted registry by clicking on the small x to the right.


a) Reset Homepage: Firefox menu (top-left corner) >> Options Under Home Page click the Restore to Default button click OK

b) Reset default search: click the icon on the left part of the search box, reset the search engine you prefer

Internet Explorer:

Click Tools and select Internet Options 

a) Reset Homepage: on General tab, Homepage section, click Use default button or either write your preferred homepage site at the text box

b) Remove the new tab extension: General tab >> Settings button on Tabs section, change When a new tab is opened, open: to A blank page or Your first home page

c) Reset default search: General tab, Search section click Settings, right-click your preferred search engine (e.g. Bing, Google) and Set As Default.

 (If you are not familiar with entries stuff, you are kindly suggested to download and install to download the best removal tool to help you out automatically and safely.)

>>>Plan B: Automatic Removal

Step 1: Download E9967a.com removal tool SpyHunter

(Please don't worry about this download button with which you will get the right tool without plug-in/malware bundled.)

Step 2: Install SpyHunter after downloading

Double click the downloaded file and run. Follow the setup wizard to get the removal tool installed.

Accept the license agreement and click Next to continue 

Step 3: Run SpyHunter and start a full scan on your computer,

It will automatically search for the unwanted and may take some time to finish scanning. Just be patient.

Step 4: Show the scan result and then click "Fix Threats" to delete all detected item.

Always Be Careful While Enjoying Your Time Online

To avoid such malware sneaking into your system, you should pay much attention while using the computer:

* Scan your PC with reputed antivirus program regularly.
* Limit user privileges on the computer.
* Do not open spam email or unclear attachment;
* Stay away from unsafe websites;
* Avoid downloading pirated software.
* Pay attention & opt for custom installation when installing a program.

Adware/Malware prevention and removal is pretty helpful. But when it comes to PC maintenance, it is far from enough. To get your system a really good running groove, you still have a long way to cover. 

Clean up Your System After Pop-up Removal 

If you do not know much about system optimization, you are high advised to get professional assistance from RegCure Pro which features:

* Fix Windows registry errors 

* Kick off active viruses/malware 
* Erase privacy files and protect privacy
* Optimize memory by defragmenting 
* Managing processes launches at boot up 

Step 1: Download the PC cleaner RegCure Pro automatically 

(Downloading the right tool from here authorized officially won't worry you. Avoid pirate software/malware is also a protection to your system.)

Step 2: Follow the instructions to install RegCure Pro 

Step 3: Run RegCure Pro and start a system scan your machine for possible risks and bugs

Step 4: Click the in-built “Fix All" button to automate the whole computer optimization

Special Reminders:

1: Anything playing havoc on the computer should be deleted timely avoid unnecessary troubles. If you are not familiar with manual removal process, you could Remove E9967a.com automatically with SpyHunter.

2: The unwanted always get their infiltrate to your system via a third party, so you should be careful while surfing the internet. Keep away from anything suspicious and choose custom installation while installing something new.

3: If you have any computer problems such as windows error, malware removal, performance issues, and junk files & registry, you might as well download RegCure Pro for help. This useful tool with expertise won't let you down!)